Earthy, knitted and deep. Demian Coca's approach is the combination of Bolivian folk music and modern jazz aesthetics. His arrangements are multi-layered soundscapes, full of rhythmic variety and melody. Paykunas music emphasizes the folkloristic touch but Coca doesn’t hide his cool, thoughtful Swiss side as a composer. He grants his players a lot of space for the unplanned and performs a clever balancing act, between control and spirit. Honest and extraordinary. Somewhere between the rainforests of Amazonia and the deep lakes of Switzerland. Exciting, challenging and new.

Demian Coca (piano, composition)
Antoine Humberset (flutes)
Mario Alonso (alto sax, bass flute)
Nicolas Gurtner (tenor sax, bass clarinet)

Balthasar Hürner (guitar)

Marius Meier (bass)

Adrian Böckli (drums)

Demian Coca, composer, pianist and musical director of Paykuna was born in Switzerland. His father, a bolivian musician of his own, brought him to traditional bolivian music at a very early age. This deeply rooted influence can be heard in all of Coca's compositions and it is also the conceptional foundation of Paykuna.
Having studied with masters such as Ed Partyka, Dieter Ammann and Michael Arbenz he has acquired a broad and open-minded vision on music, both as a composer and as a pianist. He now works as a teacher, pianist, arranger and composer, Demian Coca won two Downbeat Student Music Awards in 2017 for his arrangement of "Israel" and his composition "Italaque" and one SMA in 2018 for the big band version of "Raíces".