Earthy, knitted and deep. Paykuna's approach is the symbiosis of Bolivian folk music and modern jazz aesthetics. This band is the creation of swiss-bolivian pianist Demian Coca, who’s compositions are multi-layered soundscapes, full of rhythmic variety and vivid melodies. Paykuna's music emphasizes its folcloristic background but the cool, thoughtful Swiss side of the composer is certainly not hidden. Demian Coca grants his players space for the unplanned and performs a clever balancing act, between control and intuition. Paykuna takes the listener on to a journey – somewhere between the rainforests of Amazonia and the deep lakes of Switzerland. 

Demian Coca was introduced to traditional bolivian music by his father at a very young age. During his studies at the Hochschule Luzern he searched for his own voice in music and reconnected to this early musical influence, setting the conceptional foundation of Paykuna. Since 2016, the band has played many concerts in Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia and has recorded two albums: Raíces (2017) and Rinakaruy (to be released in 2021).





Nicolas Gurtner

tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute

Demian Coca

piano, composition


Antoine Humberset

flute, alto flute

Marius Meier


Adrian Böckli



Mario Alonso

alto saxophone, bass flute


Balthasar Hürner



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page designed by Renaldo Vroon
artwork by Rafael Koller -

photos by Anna-Lena Holm -

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