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About Raíces

Raíces is the first album by Paykuna, released on QFTF in 2017. It features eight compositions by Demian Coca which are inspired by traditional bolivian music. Growing up, Demian Coca listened and played folk rhythms such as the Saya Afro, Carnavalito and Huayño. Upon reflecting on these grooves, he started to compose music, that uses elements of what he used to play and listen to as a child. The title track Raíces is bold and uncompromising hommage to the music of the land in which he has his roots.

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In 2018 Paykuna released an artistic video that is a collaboration between the band and dancer Laura Mercado as well as director Hugo Ernesto Neri from Bolivia. This work laid the foundation for the collaboration between Demian Coca and Laura Mercado in the videos for the upcoming album Rinakaruy.

Music composed by Demian Coca, played by Paykuna.
directed by: Hugo Ernesto Neri

dancer: Laura Mercado Cruz

photography assistant: Alexander Arce

drone: Rudy Ledezma

make up: Adriana Espinoza

best boy: Luis Javier Plaza

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